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The author, Dr john Seery MRCP PhD, is a Consultant Physician in General Internal Medicine and is responsible for over five hundred acute medical admissions per year. He is a medical graduate of the University of Cambridge (St Johns College) and completed his postgraduate training in various teaching Hospitals in Edinburgh and London. He has seventeen years experience teaching undergraduate medicine at UCD (University College Dublin) and postgraduate medicine at St Vincent’s Hospital, Dublin. With his colleague Dr John Ryan, he has developed two of the world’s leading medical education websites, acadoodle.com and ecgTeacher.com.

Terms explained there are a few terms used on this website which may cause confusion. The author is a product of the late 20th century NHS and designates doctors rank within the medical teams using the old British system. Intern/House Officer: year one post qualification. SHO (Senior House Officer): years two and three post qualification. Registrar, four to ten years post-qualification, he or she runs the show. The Consultant is the man or woman in overall charge of the medical team, pleasantly confused and loved by all, he or she is responsible for maintaining morale. ER/ED (Emergency Room/Emergency Department), ICU (Intensive Care Unit).

Disclaimer. CSi medicine is a teaching aid, the views expressed are those of the author and are not endorsed by any clinical body. The site should not guide patient management. All cases on this site are fictitious(ish).